This is the portrait of a global scandal: speculation on corn, wheat and rice. It drives people into poverty. Speculation creates a wave: a tsunami for all who cannot defend themselves.The water level rises as food prices go up. Waves flood the box.Until a wave washes over their heads.

Corn Today

Cash price
Wait...... / Bushel

The last 15 years

This animation translates the market prices for corn in the past 15 years into
correspondingly high waves.

How the project works

Speculation with food options was severely restricted in the USA up to 2000, limiting
global speculation to an absolute minimum.
These restrictions were removed by US President Clinton in 2000, following a proposal by
his Secretary of the Treasury, who had previously worked at Goldman Sachs.

Lets try

Each red dot triggers a wave animation that is connected to the rate below it.
The height of the wave is an indicator of the threat.
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